How To Get The Perfect Cat Eye Flick

The perfect cat eye flick, which is also called Lauren Conrad’s mark look, is a coquettish little cosmetics trap each young lady ought to have in her excellence collection. I’ll concede, it’s not the least demanding hope to ace but rather with the correct instruments and some straightforward advances, soon you’ll be applying a perfect cat eye flick like a master. Since the apparatuses utilized can represent the moment of truth this look, make sure to utilize some you know and love or ones that come exceptionally suggested. We all adore the L’Oréal Infallible The Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner on the grounds that the brush is durable and thin—exactly what you have to make the ideal line. You’ll likewise require an eye-popping mascara so attempt our top choice, the bareMinerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara. Presently you’re prepared to ace this lively magnificence drift!

Stage 1 to get the perfect cat eye flick: Draw a line at a point

To start with, bring down your eyelid so you have a smooth administration to draw on. At that point draw a line from the external corner of your eye up at an edge. In the event that it feels simpler, begin over your eye and adhere to a meaningful boundary descending. Make the line longer and at a more honed edge than you’d suspect—this is on the grounds that the line dependably looks littler once you open your eye.

Stage 2 to get the perfect cat eye flick: Create a triangle

Make a triangle shape by associating the highest point of your flick down to your lash line (to some degree in accordance with the external edge of your iris).

Stage 3 to get the perfect cat eye flick: Fill in the triangle

Utilize fluid liner to fill in the triangle. Ensure you layer enough item so the shading is smooth and immersed.

Stage 4 to get the perfect cat eye flick: Connect the triangle to your lash line

Smooth out the zone where the triangle meets your lash line. Fundamentally, you’re applying eyeliner as you typically would however from the triangle to the inward corner of your eye. Simply make sure you apply it thicker where the triangle meets your lash line and more slender as you draw nearer to the inward corner of your eye.

Stage 5 to get the perfect cat eye flick: Touch up any slip-ups



Odds are, you didn’t get it flawless the first run through. (No one does!) So plunge a Q-tip in cosmetics remover (or even Vaseline) and utilize it to eradicate any smears or territories you need to hone.

Stage 6 to get the perfect cat eye flick: Apply mascara

Trust that the eyeliner will dry at that point complete with a few layers of your most loved mascara.

The precarious part can be ensuring the two eyes look even. Practice a couple of times to discover the point you like best. It likewise steps one on the two eyes previously proceeding to whatever is left of the means and after that, you can truly check whether they look symmetrical. Once you’ve aced the look, wear it out on the town, on a night out with companions, or even make it your mark search for everyday!


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