Most Beautiful women in the world

Beautiful women in the world

Beauty and Women! What else to spice up your life?



The true essence of beauty lies in freedom, reality, happiness and simplicity. It’s something which builds the type of woman we all crave to be.
Beauty cannot ever be defined by any culture, company or concept. It’s the moment when our strengths are drawn and when we are consumed by the intoxicating experience of life.
The concept of beauty goes much beyond the ability to apply make-up. Once we know what makes a person be called beautiful,
it becomes much easier to appreciate the qualities of compassion, resilience, empathy, intelligence, commitment and sensitivity,
in every woman we meet. There are basically five attributes based on which Beautiful women in the world can be defined.


  1. Correct posture- Correct posture emits a sense of worth. It gives a woman the confidence that she knows how to handle any situation. It even creates that image of beauty in terms of mind and spirit.
  2. Healthy skin- An unblemished and healthy skin is always something to be appreciated. Wrinkled and unhealthy skin makes people think differently. To add that health and sheen to your skin, it’s necessary to clear, moisturize and nourish it regularly.
  3. Attractive Smile- A smile is said to be a person’s true beauty. A person with the most beautiful facial expressions even gets unnoticed, without a smile. A smiling face with sparkly eyes always attracts people.
  4. Pleasing Appearance- Do people tease or backbite you because of your appearance? Don’t feel offended and celebrate being what you are. Women who know to embrace their body type and to dress accordingly to highlight her most pleasant features will certainly be among the most beautiful women in the world.
  5. Self-confidence- Someone who knows the worth of self- confidence appears confident on days when the winds blow against her. Being calm, organized and capable makes a woman not only competent but also beautiful.


If you want to know the 10 most beautiful women in the world, then why to delay? Let’s get into the work of learning about them:


Deepika Padukone :  Born at Copenhagen, Denmark on 5th January 1986, Deepika bags lots of awards including three Film fare Awards. She tops the list of actresses in terms of payment. She has her clothing line even and runs a foundation called Live Laugh Love.

Scarlett Johansson : Born on 22nd November, 1984 at Manhattan, New York, U.S., has bagged the BAFTA and a nomination for a Golden Globe for her performance in Lost in Translation. “Lost in Translation” turned out to be her break-out role.


Blake Lively : Born in Los Angeles, California, on August 25, 1987, she has received Teen Choice Award for Best Breakthrough Performance.


Angelina Jolie :  Born on 4th June, 1975 at Los Angeles, California, she bags an Oscar, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and three Golden Globe Awards. Angelina Jolie is among the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. She has active participation in issues related to child rights, human and women’s rights. Her foundation the Jolie-Pitt, works around the world towards humanitarian causes.



Lisa Haydon:  Born on 17th June, 1986 at Chennai, Lisa is popular among her fans for her impeccable style.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan :  Born on November 1rst, 1973 at Mangalore, India, she bags the Padma Shri by the Government of India along with numerous other awards. She dwells in every Beautiful womens in the world list existent on the planet. She was adorned with the crown of Miss World in 1994.


Beyonce Knowles :  Born on Sepember 4, 1981 at Houston, Texas, she bags from the Grammys around 22 awards and 62 nominations for her music. She even owns the title of most nominated woman and the second most awarded woman in Grammy’s history. Her dancing skills and vocals remain unparalleled. Her name itself is a global brand.


Priyanka Chopra :  Born on 18th July, 1982 at Jamshedpur, India, Priyanka bags several awards including the National Film Award and five Film fare Awards. She has even won the title of Miss World in 2000. Her name can be listed among the highest paid actresses in India and she has gained popularity as a philanthropist. Her name has been included among the 100 most influential people in the world in the Time Magazine.


Gal Gadot :  Born at Israel on April 30, 1985, is basically known for her role as Wonder Women in the movie the new Wonder Woman.
Emma Watson- Born at Paris, France, on April 15, 1990, her performance at Harry Potter and other movies has helped her bag over a dozen awards for herself. She is one of the most talented, respectable and influential celebrities in the world.


Kat Dennings :  Born at Pennsylvania, United States on June 13, 1986, she bags the Crystal Reel Award for Best Actress for her role in To Write Love on Her Arms, and has nominations in various awards like The MTV Movie Awards for the Best Breakthrough Performance.



Sofia Vergara :  Born at Columbia on July 10, 1972, Sofia holds nomination for four Golden Globe Awards for her performance in Modern Family along with many other awards. Her beauty and Columbian accent has helped her create a unique image for herself.


Dakota Johnson :  Born on October 4, 1989 at Austin, Texas, is popularly called as Miss Golden Globe in 2006 and has bagged the People’s Choice Award for Favourite Dramatic Movie Actress. Johnson made an early debut at an age of mere nine. She is an animal rights activist too.


Jourdan Dunn :  Born on 3rd August, 1990 at Greenford, United Kingdom, Jourdan has gained has popularity as a model and bags Glamour Award for Inspiration, Glamour Award for Entrepreneur. Almost every top designer across the globe has made her walk the ramp.


Emilia Clarke :  Born at London, United Kingdom on October 23, 1986, she bags Scream Award for Female Breakthrough Performance and SFX Award for Best Actress.


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