What is mouth cancer its types, causes, medical treatment, home remedies

Cancer of the mouth types, causes, medical treatment, home remedies

People selling tobacco, paan khaini, tobacco, and other intoxicants will find us on every street and street in India. At the same time, those who consume Hindi things will also meet us at home but they do not know that they are wasting their whole life just for a little fun. Today we will tell you how oral cancer in India is increasing the number of its patients day by day. Apart from this, we will tell you why you have oral cancer and how we can protect ourselves by treating it, so let’s know about it-

What is oral cancer?

Mouth cancer, which we also know as oral cancer. This is very bad cancer because the condition of the patient gets so bad that we cannot even see it. It starts with mouth cancer from parts of the lips, gum, jaw, palate, hard and soft layers of gum, etc. If the treatment is not received at the right time, it increases the wound. The last option remains surgery. In which doctors cut the diseased area and separate it. Due to which this disease is not spread. Doctors prevent oral cancer through surgery. By treating it initially, protection from oral cancer can be obtained.

Types of oral cancer

  • Lips
  • Gum
  • Jaw
  • Palate
  • Side of mouth

The main type of oral cancer.

  • Squamous cell carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma is a 90% most common oral cancer. Which usually occurs in the inner parts of the throat and mouth. Squamous cell carcinoma refers to the development of certain squamous cells in unusual ways.

  • Verrucas carcinoma

Slow cancer, made up of squamous cells, invades around the tissues of the mouth.

  • Small salivary gland carcinoma

Or cancer makes small red glands prey. Which are found in the throat and parts of the mouth? It destroys the salivary glands of our mouth.

Oral cancer can be caused due to many reasons.

Mouth cancer can be caused due to many reasons. We are going to give you some reasons for getting oral cancer. Knowing who you can defend yourself. Let’s know What causes oral cancer Knowing whom we can protect our health.

  • Male

Mouth cancer is more likely to occur in men. Because excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco increases the chances of getting oral cancer. In India, even from small children to individuals, tobacco is consumed in very high amounts due to which it is spreading very much. Constant tobacco consumption is harmful to our health. Not treating it on time can also kill a person. We should avoid intoxicating things like tobacco, alcohol, etc.

  • Age

Most of the problems of oral cancer are found more in the people of 55 years. But here the disease is found in both low and high age people.

  • Ultraviolet light

People who work in the sun for a long time. Being exposed to light makes them prone to cancer of the lips. Ultraviolet rays attack our soft lips and damage the top layer of our lips.

  • Poor nutrition

Poor nutrition is also the main cause of oral cancer. Not using green vegetables is also considered to be the cause of oral. Because vegetables have fiber properties.

  • Tobacco

Tobacco consumption is the cause of 80% of oral cancer. Consumption of tobacco develops oral cancer. Constant tobacco consumption can lead to oral cancer.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is an intoxicating substance. Consuming both alcohol and tobacco is not less of a risk. Drinking alcohol makes a person lose his ability to think. As you all know Combining these three tobacco smoke alcohols increase the chances of getting oral cancer by 100% percent.

Medical treatment for oral cancer

  • Surgery

There are different types of oral cancer. In the same way, they are removed by different types of surgery.

  • Surgery to remove the tumor

Doctors perform surgery to remove the tumor. In these surgeries cancerous and other cells around them are also cut and removed. This ensures that all types of cancer cells have been destroyed. So that you do not see any possibility of getting cancer again. According to cancer, he has small major surgery.

  • Surgery to remove neck cancer

Surgery is recommended if the cancer is spread in the neck. So you should start this surgery as soon as possible because if the lymph nodes have spread, then the risk is very high. You can start surgery to remove lymph nodes and tissues according to the size of cancer. Doctors by surgery destroy all the cancerous cells present in the lymph nodes.

  • Mouth surgery

After all those surgeries you have had through mouth cancer, the doctor advises you for mouth surgery. So that you can eat your food properly. In such a situation, you should start the process of surgery as per the doctor’s advice.

  • Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is a very important therapy. Radiation therapy is required in the initial stage of cancer. Mouth pain can be relieved by this therapy. Radiation therapy is used after surgery as advised by the doctor.

  • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is used to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy is used in the treatment of cancer along with other drugs. Chemotherapy Radiation therapy is very important. Hence both are used together. Which can prevent this disease?

  • Use of medicine

The way people use medicine when they get sick. Similarly, oral cancer can also be cured by medicine. We should continue to take medicines continuously. We should take medicines on time so that we can get relief from this disease at the earliest.

  • Biopsy surgery

Mouth cancer is prevented by biopsy surgery. This therapy is more likely to cure mouth cancer. The cancerous tissue is separated from the body. Which ends the possibility of getting this disease.

  • Radiation therapy

Doctors recommend radiation therapy for oral cancer because oral cancer can be prevented through radiation therapy. Doctors treat oral cancer through radiation therapy.

Home remedies for oral cancer

  • Turmeric and basil are the most important home remedies to remove oral cancer.
  • Take a few leaves of turmeric and basil and grind them into a fine powder.
  • Combine glycerin and convert both these things into one paste.
  • Use this paste continuously in the muscles of the mouth.
  • This paste quickly adds flexibility to your muscles.
  • Basil has antibiotic properties. Basil acts as an antibiotic.
  • Basil and turmeric are the desi cure. Whose treatment you continued to do. Gradually, its effect will start to show. You will get protection against oral cancer. You continued to use turmeric and basil.

You saw how many people are losing their lives due to cancer in India. No type of intoxication should be consumed, no matter how troublesome the environment is. Apart from this, you should always consume more and more green vegetables and clean your mouth from time to time. If you have a blister in your mouth for a long time or if you have any type of problem, contact your nearest doctor as soon as possible because it can also cause mouth cancer.

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