5 secrets about health & fitness

The key to your health and fitness

Today’s society is moving towards a sedentary lifestyle and thus there is a greater need to increase the daily activity level to maintain both cardiovascular fitness and body weight.

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In today’s hectic and fast life, staying fit can really be challenging. Your mood and overall health can be improved if you remain fit. People can often be found struggling to stay fit but its benefits is surely worth the effort. With some commitment, motivation and the 5 secrets about health & fitness, your physical fitness can be maintained for years to come.



  • Walking, jogging or cycling- Irrespective of your speed, walking, jogging or cycling are among the 5 secrets about health & fitness which keep the heart and lungs active along with increased blood circulation. Manage a daily walking, jogging or cycling regime in accordance with your schedule. Keep increasing the distance, speed, and the length of your workout after a while. If your workplace is close to your residence, walking or cycling would be a better option. Jog at least 1km.
  • If you don’t have the time to go to the gym, avail the ease and reap the benefits of working out at home. You may go for push-ups, sit-ups and yoga practices such as facing dog or sun salutations.
  • If the gym atmosphere is what suits you, then it’s a great place to stay fit. The cardio and weight machines at the gym are really very useful caution should be maintained while handling the weight. Useless weight initially and then increase it gradually. Take help of a professional to teach you muscle toning or strength training.
  • The 5 secrets about health & fitness state that one should take up recreational activities like sports on certain days.

        Eat a balanced diet


  • Having a balanced diet is the other one among the 5 secrets about health & fitness which has a lot of health benefits. It lets you have a healthy weight, improves the texture of your skin, and makes you more energetic.
  • Have a diet containing several servings of fresh fruits and vegetables as they are rich sources of vitamins and fibres.
  • Include lean fish and meat in your diet as these are good sources of protein and provides healthy fats to your body.
  • Eat more of green leafy vegetables and vibrant orange tones like those in sweet potatoes and carrots.

  Healthy mindset


  • Among the 5 secrets about health & fitness, a healthy mindset is the most important one. Focus on the things you like about you and compliment that.
  • Try to avoid negativity by not criticizing yourself. Try to encourage yourself rather than tearing down.
  • Keep your focus on the positive feelings like the good things your body does for you. You can focus on the solutions to issues by maintaining a calm and rational mind. Stress proves to affect the body and mind detrimentally.
  • Never try to look like someone else. Assess your fitness level and check and feel the difference in your body.
  • Check your body frame size by measuring the circumference of your wrist and consulting a height chart. People with a large frame have different weight goals than the smaller ones.
  • Maintain a daily journal to record the positive statements about yourself. Track your exercise and diet and note down happy, self-affirming thoughts to keep you motivated.


  Avoid smoking and drinking


  Smoking can be detrimental to good health according to the 5 secrets about health & fitness and can lead to long-term health issues. It can be addictive and can stick with you for years even after you have given up. Some of the very basic problems and effects of smoking areas in, many respiratory and non-respiratory problems, lower level of lung function, and reduced rate of lung growth, greater risk of heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer an even lower physical fitness. There is another type of smoking known as the passive smoking which is basically a second-hand smoking. There are many effects of passive smoking which ranges from eye irritation, headaches, and nausea to increased risk of cancer and heart disease. In the case of children, the effects of passive smoking include an elevated risk of respiratory infections. There are also many women how are addicted to smoking a lot, so much that they could not even stop it while pregnant. When a pregnant lady smokes, it affects the mental and physical development of her unborn child. When a parent smokes it is a great risk for the infant as it may lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Alcohol is another addictive habit which people should get rid of. Having a treat once in a blue moon is fine but consistent drinking can lead to long-term compulsion. Drinking a lot too much on a single occasion or for a long time can even damage our heart, causing many problems such as high blood pressure, stroke, irregular heartbeat and can even lead to cardiomyopathy that is Stretching and drooping of heart muscles. Alcohol also interferes with the brain’s communication pathways; it can even affect the way the brain looks and works. These disruptions can even make it harder to think clearly and move with coordination and can also lead to a change of mood and behaviour of any human being. More intake of alcohol can prevent proper digestion, causing a dangerous inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels in the pancreas, which is called pancreatitis by producing toxic substances in the pancreas. Heavy drinking moreover takes a toll on the liver, leading to a variety of problems and liver inflammations. This all problems basically include fatty liver, fibrosis, alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is basically known as a human carcinogen. There is a lot of connection between drinking alcohol and several types of cancer. It is basically seen that the more of alcohol a person drinks regularly and over time, the higher is his or her risk of developing cancer associated with alcohol.

Right sleep

For maintaining a good health it is very important to have a proper sleep schedule, which, for most people, basically means eight hours of quality sleep each night. There are many proven health benefits of a consistent and scheduled sleep; it goes even far beyond simply resting. It’s a known fact that among the 5 secrets about health & fitness, getting enough quality sleep has been shown a lot of improvements in one’s concentration levels, memory, mood and energy levels; moreover, it also helps us with weight control, immunity and even increasing one’s lifespan.

These are all very common and open secrets among the 5 secrets about health & fitness, that is there in everybody’s life. It is just that people are not able to see these as they are not that much focused.


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