How to Lose Weight or How to reduce Weight

Why to wait for losing weight?

Gluten free diets and commercial diets are driving the attention of people towards weight loss. According to a research any diet you follow, yields the same result over a period of time.

The intake of energy and the amount of energy spend on the activities we do everyday determines our body weight. If you are strongly determined to get a solution to the question how to reduce weight faster, there are many a ways. Sticking to the ways will help you in

  1. Significant reduction in appetite.
  2. Lose weight without hunger.
  3. Simultaneous improvement in metabolic health at the same time.

The weight of our body is regulated hormonally. Are you still wondering how to reduce weight? Well, the wait is over now.  All we need to do is to reduce our fat-storing hormone, insulin to lose the excess weight easily. Here we come up with certain ways to help you ease out the process:

  1. A low-carb diet- Your plan to lose your weight can be given a kick start by avoiding sugary and starchy food. Low-carb diets cause you to eat less. Sugar and starch are proven to increase appetite whereas avoiding it decreases appetite massively. It even increases the fat burning while at rest.
  2. To eat only when you feel hungry- Our body’s vital energy resources are fat and carbs, and our body needs at least one of them. Avoiding these energy resources simultaneously can result in hunger, craving and fatigue. Thus, people give up on the idea sooner or late. Eating more of natural fat like butter, full fat cream, olive oil, meat, fatty fish, bacon, eggs, coconut oil, etc., can be a solution to it. Eating food items rich in fat on a low-carb diet means lowering the insulin level which in turn will burn the fat you eat.     
  3. Eat whenever you feel hungry- A large range of people prefer to have three meals a day and go for occasional snacking whereas some eat only once or twice in a day and never go for a snack in between even. It’s better to follow that which suits you the best.
  4. Go for real food- Real food items have been a preference of people for millions of year. Real food items include fish, meat, vegetables, butter, olive oil etc. It’s advisable to avoid special low-carb products which are an outcome of creative marketing. Your focus should be to eat good quality, least processed real food.
  5. A wise measurement of your progress- Weight measurement on the scale on a daily basis can sometimes be misleading and can cause unnecessary anxiety making you lose your motivation without much reason. The scale measures muscles, bone and internal organs. It is good to gain muscles. If you are gaining muscles whilst losing fat, then it’s a proof that you are making great progress.
  6. Persistence- Hoping to lose all your weight at once by starving yourself hardly works in the long run. If you lose around five pounds of fat, you can expect your waist to lose around one inch of fat. The weight loss on a long-term cannot be maintained unless and until we change our eating habits. You need long-term change and patience to maintain weight loss.
  7. Avoiding fruits- It’s a controversial statement to avoid fruits because of its multiple health auras. Contrary to the belief that fruits are nutritious, the reality is fruits contain a lot of sugar. Sugar present in fruits shuts fat burning, increases hunger and slows down the process of weight loss. Treat yourself to fruit occasionally.
  8. Keeping away from aerated drinks and beer- Rapidly digested carbs are present in Beer which slows down the process of burning fat. Instead you can opt for red or dry wine, dry champagne and hard liquor like whisky, cognac, vodka moderate quantity as the carbohydrate content in them is much less .
  9. Increased sleeping hours- Prolonged stress increases stress hormones, also called cortisol in our body which results in hunger and weight gain. If you are looking for an answer on how to reduce weight, look for the ways to handle the excessive stress in your life. Being deprived from sleep even leads to gaining weight. Try to get minimum seven-eight hours of sleep every night. Try waking up without an alarm clock and only when you feel refreshed. Your resolution to work out may also be weakened by sleep deprivation.
  10. Reduce eating dairy products and nuts- The high amount of lactose present in dairy products slows down the process of weight loss. Not just that, the protein content in milk increases insulin.
  11. Go for fragmentary fasting- It works significantly when it comes to weight loss.
  12. A high-protein breakfast- Having a breakfast rich in proteins helps reduce the craving for food throughout the day resulting in less calorie intake.
  13. Having water half an hour before meals- According to a study, weight loss can be increased by 44% over three months by drinking water half an hour before a meal.
  14. Slow eating- People who eat food faster, gain more weight over time. Slow eating boosts weight-reducing hormones.


After making a vigorous study on how to reduce weight and working out on it accordingly, you have finally been able to get rid of your stubborn unwanted fats. To drop weight isn’t that easy but the benefits you can reap from weight loss are innumerable. So, come let’s have a look at some of its advantages:

  • Better quality sleep
  • Improved hormonal balance
  • Boosts sex drive
  • Mental fitness and good mood
  • Reduced joint pains
  • Unblemished skin
  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • More time to spend with family and friends
  • Pumped up  immunity
  • Sharper memory and brain
  • Pave ways to experiment with new styles
  • Reduced craving for junk food
  • Ability to endure new adventures
  • Learn to appreciate food
  • Reduced risks to a number of health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure
  • More respect for yourself and other with increased self-confidence
  • Long life.

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