16 facts about lifestyle & fashion that will keep you up at night

16 facts about lifestyle & fashion that will keep you up at night.

Fashion, is a widely used style statement especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body. People tend to present themselves in this constant trend in the style.



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Fashion exhibits the latest style in designers, technologists, engineers and design managers. Our life is influenced by fashion in some way or the other. The saying, “change is the only constant”, is probably the best suitable statement for fashion. It depends on what a society wants to portray at a particular time.

Get started with these 16 facts about lifestyle & fashion that will keep you up at night.

  • The local Genoan sailors used to wear cotton pants from where the word ‘jeans’ has been derived.
  • Around seven pairs of blue jeans are owned by an average American.
  • In ancient Rome, both men and women wore togas, but around the 2nd century BC, the respectable women in society were seen wearing stolas whereas others wore a toga.
  • In ancient Greece, exercise was to be done necked. The word ‘gymnasium’ has its origin from there itself; gymnos in ancient and Modern Greek means naked.
  • New York, London, Milan, and Paris are considered as the four major fashion capitals of the world. Fashion shows are held twice by each city twice, in February and September.
  • Until World War 2, women were not allowed to wear shorts.
  • Germany was the first country to allow fashion magazine in 1586.
  • About 3.8% of the income in American households is spent on clothing equating to about $1,700 per person. Comparatively, 11% of the income is spent on clothing in 1950 by the Americans.
  • Since 1992, about 8.5% decrease has been noticed in the price of clothing, even when adjusted for inflation.
  • An American woman spends approximately $125,000 on clothes over a lifetime.
  • Linen, cotton, polyester and rayon form the five most common clothing materials.
  • The most widely used clothing material is cotton but its use was popularized only in mid-1800s, when cotton fibers were separated from the seeds by Eli Whitney’s cotton gin.
  • Signs of the first clothes can be dated around 100,000 to 500,000 years ago.
  • The traces of the first needle made out of animal bone can be made around 30,000 years ago.
  • Among the 16 facts about lifestyle & fashion that will keep you up at night, it can be stated that “vanity sizing” is a phenomenon known for the nominal clothing sizes of women that has increased physically in the following years. What was considered size 8 dresses with a 32-inch bust in 197 is now considered as size 0 today.
  • In the medieval ages, the color of the clothing represented the social rank and profession of a person. Red was the color worn by nobles, brown and gray was worn by peasants, and merchants, whereas green was worn by the gentry.




You may be awestruck to read these16 facts about lifestyle & fashion that will keep you up at night, Other than these 16 facts about lifestyle & fashion that will keep you up at night, it can be said that both formation and an expression of collective taste in the given area of fashion are involved in its process. A lot of people have problem due to a poor taste in fashion. Although what you wear is not really concerns some, but the harsh comments we hear from other people affects us many a times. Fashion, after all forms an integral part of our life. Good looks are no bad investments to make. It’s nearly impossible to think of life without fashion.



Fashion also affects our lifestyle and our society. So, 16 facts about lifestyle & fashion that will keep you up at night are as in. Fashion has a bigger impact than being limited to dresses only,on the lives of people along the society as a whole by the means it defines style and culture. Fashion is not just styling but it is also a part of the culture of a place. Each area of the world has a different dressing style and it often portrays the customs and values of one’s religion, region and culture of any place or country. Fashion in all also contributes to a person’s self-esteem and confidence level. Fashion also plays a great role in expressing personality and style, thus helping them to fit in or even stand out from a crowd. There are such ways, 16 facts about lifestyle & fashion that will keep you up at night states that fashion also affects people by influencing ones emotions and behavior. It can help one to project a specific image to others and feel a certain way different from what they are projecting. Fashion choices can affect the real image of a person, what he or she projects and how other people think or make judgments about him or her. This sort may have both positive and negative consequences. Now there is one of the most interesting facts among the 16 facts about lifestyle & fashion that will keep you up at night that depending on the type of fashion a person chooses, it can help one to appear more wealthy and successful than he or she really is and can even make one likely more advance in his or her career. Similarly, by contrast fashion may also project a poor image and can inhibit his career success with a change. Researchers also demonstrate that the society’s perception is very much influenced by one’s appearance, such as promotion, authority, intelligence and many more. Fashion and dressing styles and sense can often help a person to perform better and can also boost up a person’s mood. It also helps to shift one’s internal self to confidence and boldness. Some facts also go with the society among the 16 facts about lifestyle & fashions that will keep you up at night, fashion also affect the social aspects of life. It can cause change in social, political and economic landscapes. Fashion is like an art that help people to express themselves by showing their personal talents, identity and culture. Thus, fashion is not only dressing and styling but lot more than that.




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