Beauty: Expectations vs Reality


Beauty: Expectations vs Reality

Set your own rules – live life in your terms – it’s now or never again.

Be natural be bold be YOU. Stop living up to expectations set by the society and start believing in you by embracing the reality.


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There is a Beauty Myth created throughout the universe that has broken down the backbone of real beauty. A hyped topic Beauty: Expectations vs Reality, read understand and feel the necessity to change your perception. Beauty is described as a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. It is merely an adjective defining a quality possessed by a human being. The world is ruled by material today where qualities such as truth honesty sincerity have faded away erupting the realm of unrealistic perceptions. Anything that is in its natural form is beautiful – the influence of media in our lives has changed this entire concept setting phenomenal expectations to achieve beauty. Media has targeted the feminine beauty to set expectations that runs the entire beauty business. To the media, beauty is tiny waist, perfect hair, flawless skin, and big bosom. Whatever you use in daily life starting from your clothes to the heels you wear are advertised by skinny models setting unrealistic expectations of achieving the perfect physical traits.



Do you have an answer to what perfection is? NO? Perfection does not exist in reality. Every person, even the most curved person, lacks something within. Beauty is a concept that is developed to attain new profit heights. The showmen of beauty biz create a world around us where we are brought up setting false expectations as we follow the same. Peep out of your world and seek for reality. Watch out the makeup videos that portray perfection; you will find it being edited many times to achieve the desired output. There is a set standard of beauty created by the influenced beauty leading our society towards low self-esteem, depression, and eating disorders. Now is the time to study Beauty: Expectations vs Reality and stop believing in what is said to believe instead start believing in yourself. It is essential to make the upcoming generation understand that whatever is shown by the media in television, magazines, and posters are a lot of hard work behind a beauty that is ‘made up’  not real.


Beauty is being natural, and every woman is naturally beautiful. You don’t need any norms to dictate who you are and what is attractive about you.


You have every right to stay in or out of shape. Maintaining curves is beauty in reality when you start losing weight not to look good but to feel great. Exercise is essential to keep you fit and healthy. Beauty, in fact, is how you feel and what your inner self is. You can be the curviest and stupendous woman but if you don’t possess a soul full of love and kindness; you are just beautiful to your spectators. Once you come out of that make up your real face will flash out. A person may not be beautiful in appearance but the behavior brings out inner beauty, and that is what is called true quality.


Youngsters today should be aware of Beauty: Expectations vs Reality what is the truth behind it. Expectations result in disasters where you start believing that you are not up to the mark. A significant percentage of the youth become too carried away by the thought of being overweight or not in the so-called perfect shape. This false notion has resulted in many young people indulging in self-destruction by the use of drugs or hurting themselves. You must walk out of the false expectations of the society to see you in perfect curves. You have the world to explore so rise pack up and set out your voyage to discover new lands and new ideas. Eat whatever you want but healthy, sleep whenever you want and look however you want. Following trends is quite out-of-fashion, create your style. Stop believing in fashion and discover that YOU are Fashion.


You have to be the change that can eliminate the concept of unreal beauty behind heavy make-ups, plastic surgeries, and the zero size notions. Today feminists are actively pursuing the agenda of making the real women in the kitchen their idol and make sure that every woman is beautiful in their skin. Self-esteem is one of the most important traits we have as humans to keep us going every day. Self-esteem is challenging to sustain and difficult to reassemble, but very simple to have taken away. By representing the everyday beauty instead of handcrafted beauty, we will produce a positive foundation of realistic beauty. The society should work together and set awareness campaigns to portray Beauty: Expectations vs Reality and help every individual understand that there is no concept of perfect beauty that exists.


Indeed how accurate it is that Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! A person who is beautiful within will find every person around beautiful. It depends on your perception. If you get a chance to live the life of that perfectly shaped model you will understand the pain models undergo to appear beautiful. They go through surgeries to keep up to the standards of beauty they feature. We must not forget that they are not doing things for fun. Clear your mind and analyze the fact that they are professionals and as every professional person they deliver their best to be on top of the competition. It is not that only a skinny model can steal the show alone. Start to appreciate the work that every model, designer and make-up artist does because they create art. There is a team of professionals who work together to create a look that becomes a sensation. Social media is a platform where every youth is connected, and they are always in a competition to upload pictures to present their best self. Make a new beginning and stop uploading edited photos, let the world see your real beauty your inner self. Take an initiative to break the Beauty Myth created by hyping unrealistic images and appreciate every woman irrespective of their body shape or color of their skin. Admire the natural happy glow a skin wears; it is the most precious jewelry.


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