Top 10 hairstyle for girls

 Top 10 hairstyle for girls  

Long hair gives you the look of a goddess and boosts your self-esteem whenever you hear the compliment, “your hair is just wow!” As luscious long hair has a downside, styling it is a real concern too.

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Sparing time on a regular basis in styling your hair is a pretty difficult task. Why not to go for some pretty hairdo instead which can be done in less than ten minutes by us. Well, here is a list of the top 10 hairstyle for girls to save their time styling their hair whilst giving them that deceptively intricate look.


 1. The twisted bun- It leads the list of the top 10 hairstyle for girls who have long hair.

          Things you need:

  • A hair brush
  • Some bobby pins
  • Some U-pins
  • A hair spray

    Ways to style it:

  • Brush your hair to its full length so that all the knots and tangles are removed.
  • Do a vertical middle parting till the nape of your neck
  • Hold each section in your hand and tie into a knot at the back of your head like a shoelace.
  • The twisted section is to be rolled into a circular bun around the knot and fixed to the head with bobby pins and U-pins.
  • Steps 5 and 6 are to be repeated with the other section of your hair rolling it into a bun in the opposite direction of the first section.
  • Finally, some hairspray is spritz to keep the hairstyle intact.


2. The extra-long double ponytail – To make your ponytail look full and long, tie two ponytails on top      of each other. For making this second type of ponytail among the top 10 hairstyle for girls you need to      follow the mentioned steps:

Things you need:

  • A texturizing spray
  • Comb
  • Hair elastics

Ways to style it:

  • Wash and let the hair for drying. Spritz some texturizing spray.
  • Divide the hair into two sections horizontally.
  • The top layer of the hair is to be tied roughly into a bun.
  • At the back of your head, the lower section of hair is to be tied into a mid-level ponytail.
  • Let the top section of hair be untied.
  • Combing your hair back at the crown of your head will add to its volume.
  • The top section of hair is to be tied right above the bottom ponytail.
  • The top ponytail is to be fanned out concealing the base of the bottom ponytail finishing off the look.


 3.The braided flower crown- Who won’t like to have their hair look like roses with just some basic braiding and pinning? Here comes the third among the top 10 hairstyle for girls .

Things you need:

  • A hair brush
  • Some hair elastics
  • Some bobby pins
  • A light hold hairspray

    Ways to style it:

  • Brush your hair to untangle and straighten out the knots.
  • A three inch section of hair is to be picked up from the crown of your head and braided. Then fix it with hair elastic.
  • The previous step is to be repeated on two more sections of hair which has been picked up from either side of the first section.
  • All the three braids are to be loosened from the right by tugging them.
  • Each braid is to be rolled in a circular manner and pinned down flat against your head to make it look like a flower.
  • Finally, spray spritz of some light hold hairspray.


4.The Khaleesi inspired twist- It’s a hairstyle inspired from the Game of thrones. This topsy-tailed style looks perfect on long flow maxi skirt.

    Things we need:

  • A hair brush
  • Some hair elastics
  • A Sea salt spray


Ways to style it:

  • Brush back your hair.
  • Hold the top of your hair and tie it into a ponytail leaving some section in the front.
  • Create a gap with your fingers just above the hair elastic.
  • Flip up the pony tail into the gap to topsy tail it.
  • Two sections of hair from near your ear are to be held and tied into a ponytail just above the first ponytail.
  • Topsy tail your pony twice.
  • Finish off the look by spraying some sea salt spray.

5. The half Dutch ponytail– This hairdo ranks fifth among the top 10 hairstyle for girls, giving volume to the hairdo along with enhancing the beauty of a simple ponytail.

   Things we need:

  • A hair brush
  • A texturing spray
  • Some hair elastics
  • Some bobby pins


Ways to style it:

  • Give a start by brushing your hair neatly.
  • Spray some texturing spray to make it manageable.
  • A chunk of hair is to be picked up from above one ear and divided into three sections.
  • The three sections are to be Dutch braided by flipping the middle section on top of the side section whilst adding more hair into the braid with each step of braiding.
  • When it reaches the back of your hair, braid it till the end and tie with elastic.
  • Tie your hair into a ponytail.
  • Finally, hide the hair elastic by wrapping a thin section of hair round it and fixing it with a bobby pin.

6.The half up bow- The sixth among the top 10 hairstyle for girls is a bow made with your hair is sure to give you that look of a Disney princess.

Things needed:

  • A texturing spray
  • A hair elastic
  • A sectioning clip
  • Some bobby pins
  • A hair spray

    Ways to style it:

  • Spray some texturing spray.
  • Middle part your hair.
  • Start tying a ponytail by picking up two big sections of here from either side.
  • Finally put on the hair elastic.
  • Split the loop thus formed into two.
  • Separate a loop with a sectioning clip.
  • Secure down the second loop with a bobby pin laying it flat against your head.
  • The previous step is to be repeated on the other loop.
  • The lower end of the ponytail is to be flipped up and over the center of the bow and secure it to your head with some bobby pins.
  • Finally spritz some hairspray.

Here are four more hairstyles among the top 10 hairstyle for girls who have short hair.

7. The fringed top– Boast a fresh vibe and energy with the heavy fringes at the forehead and straight long hair.



8. The black high medium ponytail– This ponytail gives your personality a ruffled neat look. It is of medium length based on a higher note.


9.The puffed ponytail- This ponytail has a messy essence and is perfect for those who carry that rock star attitude.



10.The fish braid with side part– Have that chic and stylish look with a fish braid. This braid look gives you a young and trendy vibe with a small side part.



These super chic, top 10 hairstyle for girls instills that confidence within a girl along with enhancing her personality.


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