Romantic honeymoon ideas and top honeymoon places in the World

A whirl of honeymoon destinations around the World

Your honeymoon is that peerless opportunity to bond with your partner with a shared fascination. What about exploring these top 10 honeymoon places in the world to linger a little more into the romantic bubble?

The word “Honeymoon” originated in Babylon around 4000 years ago. “Honeymoon” was referred to the month after a wedding, when the bride’s father gave the groom all the mead (honey beer) he wanted. This month was called as “honey month” by the Babylonians but now it is termed as “Honeymoon”.

Honeymoon in the modern sense refers to a vacation taken by newlyweds to celebrate their unification. Your honeymoon is that peerless opportunities to bond with your partner with a shared fascination. Honeymoons being once-in-a-lifetime trip are often celebrated in exotic and romantic destinations in recent times. A honeymoon where the sand is swept away from beneath by the waves kissing your feet, or where you are standing hand in hand with your soul mate, surrounded by the green canopy of nature is everyone’s lust. But before you dive into planning, let us ease your worries with the much needed information on the tempting, budget friendly top 10 honeymoon places in the world for any and every type of honeymoon.

  The Bora Bora islands-

The Bora Bora islands- This Island with its turquoise lagoons, clear blue waters, secluded bungalows and sumptuous food offers the most beautiful, befitting ambiance and mood for that perfect vacation with your soul mate. The best time to visit this island is from May to October. The not to miss things include Mount Otemanu, Snorkeling, Matira Beach, Scuba, Bora Bora Lagoonarium and Leopard Rays Trench.


Switzerland, the paradise on earth-

Switzerland, the paradise on earth- A picturesque country, believed to take your heart the moment you set your foot on it, attracts a plethora of newlyweds.

The must-do things in Switzerland include boating on Limmat River, a stroll in the charming streets and exploring the museums scattered all around. The must-visit places include The Jungfrau Region Chateau de Chillon, Swiss National Park, Fasnacht, Spring Carnival, Geneva, and The Matterhorn. One can explore this country somewhere between September to October to explore its panoramic view.


The intoxicating Sonoma, California-

The intoxicating Sonoma, California- World- class wine, mouth-watering food and unsurpassed scenery- what more to expect? Indulge yourself in the local fare with the Californian chefs practicing Farm- to-table long before it became a trend. You would also like to access wineries like Kistler and Kosta Browne.


Romantic Paris-

Romantic Paris- Paris, according to the top 10 honeymoon places in the world, is a combination of architecture, food and art forms that are the specialty of this city. Romance and Paris are like hand and glove. So, don’t miss to tie a ribbon on the Pont des Art Bridge, symbolizing your committed love to one another.


Invigorating Orkney, Scotland-

Invigorating Orkney, Scotland- Orkney has a history 10,000 years back with so many fascinating stories to know. Treat yourself to the bars and restaurants of Orkney losing yourself in the exclusive wine.

Get active and enjoy the wilderness with a range of flora and fauna. Come; fill your lungs with the clean and fresh air off the coast of Scotland at this northern archipelago. Do visit the Neolithic Ring of Brodgar, with a mystical weather moving in and the water lapping at the shore.


Touristy Venice-

Touristy Venice- The piazza and canal, gondola boat ride through the Grand Canal, melodious opera to the lavish baroque building, all ooze romance from every nook of Venice.


Gorgeous Santorini, Greece –

Gorgeous Santorini, Greece- The white-washed pristine villas and splendid sunset makes Santorini hold a special position at the top 10 honeymoon places in the world. Santorini, with its award-winning wine culture and enticing beaches is a perfect choice for newlyweds. The magic and charming aura is sure to seduce you.


Soothing Savannah, Georgia-

Soothing Savannah, Georgia- Savannah forms an antidote to linger your wedding plan stress. To rejuvenate your senses, lose yourself in the city’s slow- paced tranquil. Feel the togetherness, sitting beside each other while riding around the squares in horse-drawn carriage tour.


Mystical Bermuda-

Mystical Bermuda- Get cozy with your partner amidst the mesmerizing blue water, limestone cliff and the beachfront resort at Bermuda.

The list of places to visit here include Horseshoe Bay Beach, Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, Beach Bathing, Snorkeling, Elbow Beach, Johnson’s Cove Beach, St. Peter’s Church and Crystal and Fantasy Caves. April to September forms the best time to visit it.

The paradisiacal Fiji Islands-

The paradisiacal Fiji Islands- The swaying palm trees and the rugged cliffs of this splendid island makes it an ideal honeymoon choice among the top 10 honeymoon places in the world. Viti Levu, Nadi, Mamanucas, Fire-walking on Beqa, Vanua Levu, Savusavu, and Falls of Taveuni are some drive INS in Fiji. April to September is the best time for enjoying this island to its fullest.



A brainstorm, bit of research and negotiations, but it’s all worth it to find the perfect honeymoon destination among the top 10 honeymoon places in the world.

The choice of Destination is not enough when planning out your honeymoon. With top 10 honeymoon places in the world, you can have a lot of tips and ideas to consider while making your selection. Following are the tips which will help you plan out your dream destination:

  • Decide on a budget and figure out the amount you need to spend, beforehand.
  • It’s mostly safe to get a travel agent. Your agent can make the arrangements for yourself and you can be at your ease.
  • Double- check the necessities. Check your passport. Make sure that your passport is current.
  • When thinking of a honeymoon, privacy is the foremost thing a couple needs. Make sure the hotel you choose aren’t having many kids to interrupt your privacy and intimacy.
  • Taking more money than you need is always recommended.
  • Deal considerately to the wishes of your spouse.

Last but not the least, with top 10 honeymoon places in the world, you can have that one escape, you will cherish for the rest of your life. Watch your dreams have colour with a good start to your love and romantic life. Choose a place that offers you with the chance to make the relation with your spouse stronger that would prove to be a boon in the long run. So, plan your honeymoon destinations that offer you with, beauty, charm and love while you make a start to a new life.

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